Flores Cycling Tours is a division of Flores Exotic Tours; a travel agency domiciled in Flores, Indonesia. Flores Exotic Tours which was established on 2004 acts as the parent company that provides the tours in Flores and on other islands in Indonesia

In 2012, the Flores Cycling Tour officially became a division of the company that seriously develop the cycling tour service. The formation of Flores Cycling Tours is a manifestation of Flores Exotic Tours’ commitment to provide maximum service for the cyclists who want to take a cycling trip in Flores.

We provide the cycling trips throughout the island of Flores.

Of course not. Flores Cycling Tours also provides a combination of cycling, trekking, Hiking, Kayaking, and Camping tours in one tour program.

Of course you can. In addition to all the programs that we have made and offered, you can submit your requests by adding the destinations, activities, reducing distance and duration, and adjusting facilities /accommodations. We will adjust all requests with the condition in Flores.

Of course you can. We provide full service support during your trip in Flores for professional cyclists and those who just want a relaxed bike ride.

We provide the packages, from 2 hours to > 11 days. For daily programs, we only have them in Ruteng and Labuan Bajo with the duration choices of 2 hours, 4 hours and 1 day.

We provide the bikes for the children with minimum height 150 cm. We provide the bikes with 3 sizes; S: 150-160 cm, M: 160-170 cm, and L: >170 cm.

By booking the cycling trip in Flores, besides having the regular package that includes all the major destinations, you will also visit a variety of special destinations that can only be enjoyed by cycling. This is like having two types of tour in one program

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